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    The MR ™ Series are the urethane Get rid of the irritating fog from your glasses! The MR ™ Series are the urethane With winter coming, glasses wearers may experience more inconvenience --- the lens is easily get foggy. Also, we are often required to wear a mask to keep safe. Wearing a mask is more easily to create fog on the glasses, particularly in winter. Are you also agitated by the foggy glasses? UO anti-fog lenses and cloth adopts special advanced technology, which can prevent water mist condensation on the spectacle lenses. The anti-fog lens products provide a fog free vision so that wearers can enjoy their daily activities with a premium visual comfort. The MR ™ Series are the ureth...
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  • MR™ Series

    MR™ Series

    The MR ™ Series are the urethane material made by Mitsui Chemical from Japan. It provides both exceptional optical performance and durability, resulting in ophthalmic lenses that are thinner, lighter and stronger. Lenses made of the MR materials are with minimal chromatic aberration and clear vision. Comparison of Physical Properties MR™ Series Others MR-8 MR-7 MR-174 Poly carbonate Acrylic (RI:1.60) Middle Index Refractive Index(ne) 1.6 1.67 1.74 1.59 1.6 1.55 Abbe Number(ve) 41 31 32 28-30 32 34-36 Heat Distortion Temp. (ºC) 118 85 78 142-148 88-89 - Tintability Excellent Good OK None Good Good Impact Resistance Good Good OK Good OK OK Static Load...
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  • High Impact

    High Impact

    The high impact lens, ULTRAVEX, is made of special hard resin material with excellent resistance to impact and breakage. It can withstand the 5/8-inch steel ball weighing approximately 0.56 ounce falling from a height of 50 inches (1.27m) upon the horizontal upper surface of the lens. Made by the unique lens material with networked molecular structure, ULTRAVEX lens is strong enough to withstand shocks and scratches, to give protection at work and for sports. Drop Ball Test Normal Lens ULTRAVEX Lens •HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH Ultravex high impact ability come from its un...
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  • Photochromic


    Photochromic lens is a lens which color changes with the change of external light. It can turn dark quickly under sunlight, and its transmittance goes down dramatically. The stronger the light, the darker the color of the lens, and vice versa. When the lens is put back indoors, the color of the lens can quickly fade back to the original transparent state. The color change is mainly oriented by the discoloration factor inside the lens. It is a chemical reversible reaction. Generally speaking, there are three types of photochromic lens production technology: in-mass, spin coating, and dip coating. Lens made by the way of in-mass production has long and stable prod...
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  • Super Hydrophobic

    Super Hydrophobic

    Super hydrophobic is a special coating technology, which creates hydrophobic property to the lens surface and makes the lens always clean and clear. Features - Repels moisture and oily substances thanks to hydrophobic and oleophobic properties - Helps to prevent the transmission of undesired rays from electromagnetic devices - Faciliates the cleaning of the lens in daily wearing
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  • Bluecut Coating

    Bluecut Coating

    Bluecut Coating A special coating technology applied to lenses, which helps to block the harmful blue light, particularly the blue lights from various electronic device. Benefits •Best protection from artificial blue light •Optimal lens appearance: high transmittance without yellowish color •Reducing glare for more comfortable vision •Better contrast perception, more natural color experience •Preventing from macula disorders Blue Light Hazard •Eye Diseases Long-time exposure to HEV light may lead to photochemical damage of the retina, increasing the risk of visual impairment, cataract and macular degeneration over time. •Visual Fatigue The...
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  • Lux-Vision


    Lux-Vision Innovative less reflection coating LUX-VISION is a new coating innovation with very small reflection, anti-scratch treatment, and superb resistance to water, dust and smudge. Obviously improved clarity and contrast provide you unparalleled vision experience. Available •Lux-Vision 1.499 Clear lens •Lux-Vision 1.56 Clear lens •Lux-Vision 1.60 Clear lens •Lux-Vision 1.67 Clear lens •Lux-Vision 1.56 Photochromic lens Benefits •Low reflection, only about 0.6% reflection rate •High transmittance •Excellent hardness, high resistance to scratches •Alleviate glare and improve visual comfort
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  • Lux-Vision DRIVE

    Lux-Vision DRIVE

    Lux-Vision DRIVE Innovative less reflection coating Thanks to an innovative filtering technology, Lux-Vision DRIVE lens is now able to reduce the blinding effect of reflection and glare during night driving, as well as the reflection from various surroundings in our daily life. It offers superior vision and relieves your visual stress throughout day and night. Benefits •Reduce glare from oncoming vehicle headlights, road lamps and other light sources •Reduce harsh sunlight or reflections from reflective surfaces •Superb vision experience during daytime, twilight conditions, and night •Excellent protection from harmful blue rays ...
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  • Dual Aspheric

    Dual Aspheric

    TO SEE BETTER AND TO BE SEEN BETTER. Bluecut lenses by bluecut coating technology Property of View Max • Omni-directional aberration correction on both sides A clear and wide vision field is achieved. • No vision distortion even on the lens edge zone Clear natural vision field with less blur and distortion on the edge. • Thinner and lighter Offers the highest standard of visual performance and aesthetic. • Bluecut control Efficiently block the harmful blue rays. Available with • View Max 1.60 DAS • View Max 1.67 DAS • View Max 1.60 DAS UV++ Bluecut • View Max 1.67 DAS UV++ Bluecut
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  • Camber Technology

    Camber Technology

    Camber Lens Series is a new family of lenses calculated by Camber Technolgy, which combines complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction. The unique, continuously changing surface curvature of the specially designed lens blank allows expanded reading zones with improved peripheral vision. When fused with a renovated state-of-the-art back surface digital designs, both surfaces work together in prerfect harmony to accommodate an expanded Rx range, prescriptions, and yield user-preferred near vision performance. COMBINING TRADITIONAL OPTICS WITH THE MOST ADVANCED DIGITAL DESIGNS THE ORIGIN OF CAMBER TECHNOLOGY Camber ...
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  • Lenticular Option

    Lenticular Option

    Lenticular Option IN THICKNESS IMPROVEMENTS What is lenticularization? Lenticularization is a process developed to minimize the edge thickness of a lens •The Lab defines an optimal region (Optical area); outside this region the software reduces the thickness with a gradual changing curvature/power, giving as a result a thinner lens in the edge for minus lenses and thinner in the center for plus lenses. • Optical area is a zone where the optical quality is as high as possible -Lenticular effectsaves this area. -Outside this area to reduce thickness • optics worse The smaller the optical area is, the most the thickness can be improved. • Lenticular...
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